China’s Belt & Road Initiative in Flux

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

China’s economic and political ascendancy is a topic for almost every Eurasian state – and Georgia is no exception. However, before proceeding to China’s geopolitical role in and around Georgia, keep in mind those major routes which make up the famous Belt and Road Initiative Lire la suite

The eurasianist Russian card at work in Iran

By Carole Grimaud Potter – Geneva

The Russian eurasianist theories soft power in Iran


Eurasianism reappeared within a part of Russian intellectuals and in the political opposition to Boris Eltsin and its liberal, pro-western policy during the 1990’s. Eurasianism is a stream of Russian thought whose roots come from Lire la suite

The future of « Eurasia »

by Prof. Jeff Schubert

Jeff Schubert is a visiting professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, where he lectures master’s degree students on Russia’s East Asian foreign policy.

There has recently been renewed focus and commentary on “Eurasia.” But, what is Eurasia, and why is it important? Is Lire la suite

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