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How the European-eager Ukraine could not escape the oligarchic yoke: the first year of Zelensky

By Luca Mazzacane

The Zelensky presidency is one year old, but the promised changes and necessary reforms are taking a long time to arrive. Renewed Russian influences, together with slow legislative motion, are two signs of how little has changed in Ukraine. The country is struggling because of the coronavirus Lire la suite

South Caucasus’ Role will be overshadowed by the US-Russia Competition Elsewhere in Eurasia

by Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

Recent geopolitical developments in Eurasia indicate that the South Caucasus’ relative importance could be overshadowed by West-Russia competition over Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia. This trend was quite visible during Mike Pompeo’s visit to Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan which laid out the US administration’s Lire la suite

The valence of the Russian Drills during the turmoil in Middle East

The valence of the Russian Drills during the turmoil in Middle East

By Luca Mazzacane

The Russian Ministry of Defense began 2020 proactively, inaugurating the new year with a naval military exercise in the Black Sea. This activity is part of a bigger plan of drills involving other countries, but … Lire la suite

The effects of the Iranian crisis on Albania and the Balkans

By Luca Mazzacane

During the press conference on the 8th of January, that followed the assassination of Soleimani, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei labelled Albania as a western-backed antagonist country that seeks to interfere with the Islamic Republic and foments the conflict in Iran1. In his speech, Khamenei addressed to Lire la suite

Iran’s Middle East Strategy

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi


A look at the map of the Middle East reveals three major geographic regions: the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey), the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia) and the Iranian Plateau (Iran).

All three regions are partially protected by seas, deserts and mountain ranges. All three represent major Lire la suite

Eurasian Economic Union Might Expand

By Emil Avdaliani

As the strained Russia-EU relations somewhat softened recently, and a rising cooperation is being seen over questions such as Ukraine and Moldova, Russia is on the economic offensive throughout the former Soviet space.

Valentina Matviyenko, a high ranking Russian official, announced recently that Uzbekistan had already decided Lire la suite

The Union State of Belarus and Russia and the Eurasian Econonomic Union

by Nikita Taranko Acosta – Geneva


Almost immediately after the collapse of the USSR, first integration projects in the post-Soviet space were envisioned and began to emerge during the second half of the 1990s when Russian foreign policy started to shift towards the traditional focus of its sphere of Lire la suite

Transnistria, unrecognized nation-state: in search of its national identity, between Russia and Moldova

By Nikita Taranko Acosta – Geneva

In this paper, I endeavour to approach the process of nation-building as a result of a secessionist movement in what is known today as eastern Moldova, which gave birth to the unrecognized state of Transnistria1. My method of analysis includes the following: Lire la suite

La reconfiguration des relations russo-biélorusses après l’annexion de la Crimée en 2014


I. Héritage soviétique et interdépendances

a- La Biélorussie au sortir de l’Union Soviétique jusqu’au traité de l’Union Biélorussie-Russie

b- La dépendance économique, énergétique et stratégique

II. Le repositionnement de la Biélorussie après l’annexion de la Crimée

a. En politique intérieure

b. En politique extérieure

III. Perspectives

Lire la suite

Russia Accelerates Construction of a New Black Sea Port

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

Economic and technological competition between China and the US has become an obvious fact for world politicians as well as analysts. However, as everyone pays attention to the ongoing trade war between the two giants and steady military build-up in the South China Sea, interesting Lire la suite

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