Political and Economic interests of Japan in South Caucasus: Perspectives of Cooperation

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

Though Japan was among the first to recognize the independence of three South Caucasus states, relations with Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku remained limited in the 1990s. It is only in the 2010s that we saw an increased effort from Tokyo to build deeper economic cooperation. Lire la suite

Russia’s Changing Economic Attitude towards Abkhazia & Tskhinvali Regions

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi 

Looking at the arc of separatist states on the Russian borders, there have recently been interesting developments which might signal a new approach in Moscow’s policies.

Ukraine’s Lugansk and Donetsk, Georgia’s Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions, Moldova’s Transdnistria region – all these territories were helped and Lire la suite

From Georgia, Iran-US Tensions Are Unlikely to Spill into War

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi


To the south of Georgia trouble is brewing as Iran and the US (and its allies) are almost openly engaged in a military competition around the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

True, Georgia does not share a border with Iran, but its … Lire la suite

What the Protests in Tbilisi Mean for Relations with Russia

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

The protests in the center of Tbilisi over the Russian MP’s presence in Georgian parliament caused a nation-wide outburst against the ruling Georgian Dream party and Russia.

Moscow in turn accused Tbilisi of nationalism, cut direct air-traffic and threatened the country with economic sanctions. Most Lire la suite

China’s Belt & Road Initiative in Flux

By Emil Avdaliani – Tbilisi

China’s economic and political ascendancy is a topic for almost every Eurasian state – and Georgia is no exception. However, before proceeding to China’s geopolitical role in and around Georgia, keep in mind those major routes which make up the famous Belt and Road Initiative Lire la suite

Le centenaire de la première déclaration d’indépendance de la Géorgie

Nous avons fêté ce weekend les cent ans de la première déclaration d’indépendance de la Géorgie. Cela ne signifie pas pour autant qu’elle fête les « cent ans de son indépendance ». Toutefois, tout le monde ne semble pas avoir pris la peine de saisir la nuance. En fait, la … Lire la suite

Mikheil Saakachvili

Par Yanis Hadrami

Ukraine-Géorgie. En 2015, L’ex-président géorgien (2004-2013) et figure emblématique de la Révolution des Roses, M. Saakachvili est invité par le président ukrainien P. Porochenko à le rejoindre dans sa lutte contre la corruption endémique qui gangrène le pays. C’est ainsi qu’en mai 2015, il est nommé gouverneur … Lire la suite

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